About HouseWorks Home

HouseWorks is a residential cleaning company with one priority: Creating clean & healthy homes for our clients.

It’s a simple promise that has guided HouseWorks since our start in April 2000.

Growing up on a farm in North Carolina, I had many jobs as a kid. One of those was helping keep a clean and organized home. I learned from my mother and grandmother that cleanliness and health go hand in hand. It’s not glamorous work, but it is important work.

After having my first child, maintaining a healthy home was even more important to me, but we also wanted more family time. So my husband and I decided to outsource the home cleaning responsibilities. We hired a large, “franchise” cleaning services and alternately, individual cleaners to clean our home. We experienced a number of pitfalls with both types of services — broken promises, less than professional cleaning staff, poor customer service, inadequate or no business liability insurance and inconsistent cleaning teams.

BUT THE MOST SURPRISING FACT: WHEN THESE CLEANING SERVICES WERE FINISHED, MY HOUSE WAS STILL NOT CLEAN! Baseboards were not washed, floors were not cleaned properly, surfaces were cleaned with inappropriate products, bathrooms and kitchens were not disinfected, the spaces under and behind furniture were untouched. These services only provided surface cleaning!

Let’s face it, we have time to do the surface cleaning in our homes – keeping the counters wiped, the dishwasher loaded, the floors swept and the toilet seat wiped (after our little ones go potty)! But when you make the decision to outsource your home cleaning responsibilities to a cleaning service, you absolutely want and expect the cleaning service to do more than provide a cursory cleaning.

This is where HouseWorks is different…

A HouseWorks Home is not just a clean home, it is a healthy home.

It’s healthy because bathrooms are scrubbed, floors are washed, dust and dirt is removed – even the dust hidden under and behind things!

I was inspired to start HouseWorks because I wanted a CLEAN and HEALTHY home.  I believed and knew from hearing my friends’ “cleaning service war stories”, there were a lot of homeowners who wanted the same thing. To achieve a clean and healthy home, I created the HouseWorks 36-Point Cleaning System. The 36-Point Cleaning is used as a training tool for our professional cleaning staff and as a way to ensure HouseWorks is providing a superior service for our clients.

We sincerely hope you take the opportunity to get an estimate and schedule an initial cleaning service. You can experience the difference of a HOUSEWORKS HOME… CLEAN & HEALTHY every time.

All the best!

Helen Sisk

Owner, HouseWorks Home
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