By contracting with Houseworks for house cleaning, our customers agree to the policies set forth below. Please feel free to contact HouseWorks with any additional questions.

Access to Your Home

HouseWorks does not hold client keys for liability reasons. We securely maintain alarm codes, garage codes, location of hidden keys or information about unlocked doors that allow entrance on the day of the cleaning. Please discuss how access will be granted to your home with the office prior to your scheduled cleaning.

Products & Tools

HouseWorks clients supply the products and tools needed to provide cleaning service. Please use our recommended list of cleaning supplies – the HouseWorks Home Cleaning Kit – to prepare for your cleanings. Our cleaners will leave a note if you are running low on products or supplies.


HouseWorks bills on a monthly basis. Clients will receive an invoice at the end of each month for that month’s cleanings. Payment is due upon receipt.  Please do not leave checks or cash for the cleaners.


Please contact HouseWorks at least 24 hours prior to cancellation. Unfortunately we have to charge a $30.00 lock-out fee without prior notice for the cleaners’time and mileage.


Please advise the office of the pets you own and of any pet-related instructions. If you need pet services, please contact the office to discuss specifics and to get a quote.


HouseWorks cleaners will carefully clean your home, but in the rare case that one of our cleaners damages or breaks something, we will pay to repair or replace the item up to a $500.00 limit. Any repair or replacement over $500.00 to be covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy and is the client’s responsibility.

Food and Drink

HouseWorks cleaners provide their own food and drink while they work. However, please allow them to help themselves to water as needed.


Tipping your cleaner is not expected or customary. However, please feel free to offer gratuity if it is something you choose to do.

Direct Hiring or Subcontracting

The direct hiring or subcontracting of HouseWorks cleaners, either while they are current HouseWorks cleaners or within a year after they leave the company, is strictly prohibited. HouseWorks makes a substantial investment in identifying, interviewing, training, paying high wages and insuring our cleaners. A finder’s fee equivalent to 3 months cleaner(s)’ salary (employment agency standard) will be assessed if current or former HouseWorks cleaners are hired directly by the client.

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